Winning the Athletic Mental Game


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Get the Success Secrets of America’s Top Coaches

“Very well done. An easy read. Great coaching advice.” – Coach Lou Holtz

In Winning the Athletic Mental Game, 21 of America’s most successful coaches and 12 of the most respected performance psychologists offer their very best insights on what it takes to win in today’s competitive environment. The interviews come from coaches who have produced over 50 combined national titles. The performance psychologists have helped thousands of athletes reach their full potential as players.

Just a few highlights in the 33 chapters include:

• Lou Holtz on the 4 Stages All Teams Must Go Through to Win… Pages 3-4.

• Rebuilding an Athletes Confidence After They Step Up a Level of Competition and Fail… Pages 19-20.

• Mark Johnson on the Most Effective Way to Use a Pep Talk… Page 47.

• Urban Meyer on Building Toughness and Teamwork with Circle of Life Drills, Rookie Stripes and Hell Lifts… Page 53

•  Method for Correcting Mistakes that Limits the Chances of Them Being Repeated in the Future… Page 67

• Looking for a Miracle? The Masterful Psychological Ploy Herb Brooks Used to Motivate Goalie Jim Craig… Page 83

• 3 Keys to Helping an Athlete Recover from a Shooting Slump… Page 108

• Putting Pressure on a Team in Practice to Develop Competitive Greatness… Page 135

• How to Stop Gossip and Cliques from Destroying Team Harmony…Page 180

• The Secret 5 Percent Effort Change that Will Transform a Game…Page 190

• 4 Proven Methods to Regroup Quickly from a Bad Play or Mistake… Pages 209-210

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Read 3 Book Excerpts below:

1) J. Robinson: Creating an Unshakeable Belief System

2) Mike Bellotti: A to Z Program Building

3) Dr. Ken Ravizza: Mastering Performance Cycles