Ultimate Sports Performance DVD Featuring Ken Ravizza

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In this 2 hour Ultimate Sports Performance DVD filmed before a live audience, sport psychologist Dr. Ken Ravizza breaks down what it really takes to make athletes mentally tough and perform their best at crunch time.

Ken fields questions from the multi-sport audience and describes mental toughness techniques to help your athlete’s attain the highest levels of performance. 

After viewing Ultimate Sports Performance, you and your players will be better equipped to:

• Break Out of Slumps.

• Avoid the “Choke.”

• Boost Confidence.

 • Develop the Mental Toughness of Champions.

 • Perform at Prime Levels More Consistently.

About Sports Psychologist Ken Ravizza:  Ken was a pioneer in the field of mental toughness in sport and author of Heads Up Baseball.  He trained thousands of coaches and athletes on how to overcome mental barriers to success. His consulting roster included NFL, Major League Baseball (World Champion Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers and Angels), UCLA softball and five U.S. Olympic teams.

At California State Fullerton, Ken helped build three national championship teams (men’s baseball, softball, and women’s gymnastics). He was one of the most sought after sport psychology consultants in the United States for over three decades and worked with coaching legends such as Tom Osborne and Pete Carroll.