Championship Performance Coaching Volume I


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Coach Your Teams to Their Championship Dreams

The Championship Performance Coaching Series is about one thing: winning ideas to get your team to perform at the highest level possible.   When talent is relatively equal, the mental/motivational/leadership side of the athletic equation can make all the difference in how games and seasons turn out.

VOLUME 1: Legendary Coaching Wisdom on Leadership, Motivation, and Practice Plans to Achieve Your Dream Season Get hundreds of practical ideas, tips, tactics, and strategies to bring your team one step closer to a championship season. See Full List of All 99 Chapters Here

Sign up for the Monthly Motivator and Receive 5 Chapters FREE Volume 1 covers five primary subject areas.  Highlights include: Section I Leadership: 17 chapters to increase your leadership power and influence.  Common leader mistakes to avoid. Develop your team captains to be your second coaching voice. Section II Practice Plans and Game Preparation: It’s all about quality practice.   Get dozens of creative and practical ideas to get your players ready to perform to the best of their ability on game day. Section III Motivation: The centerpiece of Volume 1 with 27 short chapters to push all the right buttons to get the absolute maximum performance from your players.  Produce consistent, top-notch performances throughout the season. This is the ultimate guide to everything motivational – from reversing momentum shifts to sustaining motivation during losing seasons to female motivation keys to increasing athlete self-motivation. Section IV Coaching Methods and Philosophy:  What have the most successful field generals in history done to run a program at a consistently high level?  Tap into the minds of the coaching legends present and past. Take their best philosophies and implement the ones that fit into your program. Section V Coaching Bullet Points for SuccessGive your team a performance shot in the arm when you run dry of ideas that you can implement quickly. You could spend a lifetime online or at the library and still not come up with the treasure trove of coaching wisdom contained in these two volumes.