The John Wooden Tribute Issue

The John Wooden Tribute Issue + Slumpbusting Special Issue

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Shortly after his passing, we compiled a “best of” issue that features all the incredible coaching wisdom from John Wooden, who many consider the greatest coach of all time.  This issue contains over 6,000 words that explore in great detail what made Wooden such a giant among coaches.
This issue – exclusively in electronic format – features 3 in-depth interviews, 3 major reports including one each on: • 7 Principles of Great Leadership. • An analysis of Wooden’s practice communication and organizational methods. • 8 Must Have Essentials to Run a Great Practice.
Here is a breakdown on the interviews:
Interview 1: Wooden discusses motivation, coaching philosophy, developing competitive greatness, his stance on rules, and the times to go against conventional wisdom to get the results you want.
Interview 2: The Most Important Messages He Wanted All His Teams to Understand, Physical Punishment as Discipline, Relating to Players During the Free Spirited 60s and 70s, The Exact Player Attitude He Tried to Instill in Every Athlete He Ever Coached.
Interview 3: How Much Emphasis Should Be Placed on Winning, The Wooden Definition of Success, How to Deal with Losses, The Value of Pep Talks to “Psyche Up” Your Squad, Negative versus Positive Communication, The Power of Vocal Tone, Group versus Individual Correction and Instruction, The Most Important Aspects of Coaching to Emphasize, and Advancing Your Coaching Career.

Other features include Wooden on:

• The Power of the Bench.
• His Favorite Recruiting Strategy to Evaluate Players.
• Improving Free Throw Percentages through Changes in Routine and the Physics of Motion.
• Teaching Players How to Handle Praise and Criticism.
Bonus report: The 7 Day, 1 Day, 3 Hour Pre-game Preparation Routine that Maximizes Game Performance

Free Bonus: Slumpbusting Special Issue Includes:

• 4 Key Areas to Address to Overcome Slumps.
• Case Study of How a Slumping Athlete Broke Out.
• Special Imagery to Counter Slumps.
• 2 Steps to Determine Whether an Athlete is in a Slump.
• Common Causes of Slumps to Be Aware Of.