Championship Performance Coaching Volume II


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Coach Your Teams to Their Championship Dreams

The Championship Performance Coaching Series is about one thing: winning ideas to get your team to perform at the highest level possible. When talent is relatively equal, the mental/motivational/leadership side of the athletic equation can make all the difference in how games and seasons turn out.

VOLUME 2: 101 Practical, Proven Sports Psychology and Team Building Strategies to Win More this Season. Volume 2 goes deeper into the mental conditioning and team chemistry aspects of performance.

See full list of all 82 Chapters Here Highlights include: Section I Performance Psychology/Confidence Building: What is the psychology of playing with a lead so you can finish off opponents? What are the best methods to break free of slumps? How do you best prepare as an underdog versus a favorite? How do strike the right balance between confident and cocky? 25 chapters delve into all the issues that impact performance psychology. Section II Goal Setting: 10 models and different perspectives on goal setting to develop continuous performance improvement in your athletes. Section III Coaching and Communication: From teaching athletes new concepts based on learning style to managing locker room talks to solving conflicts between players, you’ll increase your ability to reach athletes through powerful communication techniques. Section IV. Concentration/Mental Toughness: The ability to refocus after mistakes is an essential mental skill. Improve concentration and mental toughness by teaching athletes how to block out distractions. Get specific, workable plans to use when they face all forms of competitive adversity. Section V Team Building: Volume 2 closes with 21 chapters jam packed with practical ideas you can use to build chemistry quickly and over the course of a season. Team building exercises, study summaries, coaching reflections and different ways teams have used to build unity are addressed.