The Football Coach’s Game Plan For Leadership


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The Football Coach’s Game Plan For Leadership

Book description: Imagine sitting in a room with the greatest football coaches in modern history.  The topic: Leadership.  This book is your own personal clinic with the unprecedented chance to pick the brains of the living legends on how to run a championship level program.

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Part 1 is an Interview Q & A with coaching legends like Jimmy Johnson, Urban Meyer and Lou Holtz.

Read sample: Bill Parcells Coaching Philosophy

Part 2 is How to Run Great Practices.

Read sampleMental Game Keys for Quarterbacks

Part 3 are Athlete and Team Success Strategies.

Parts 4 and 5 are Coaching Methods and Tactics on Motivation and Team Building to Produce More Victories

Read sample: Motivational Tactic that Turned a Season Around

All 66 concise chapters give you action steps to get your team more W’s. Get the absolute best thinking on building a successful program from a diverse panel of coaching legends who share invaluable lessons on what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Here is just a small sample of what you will read in this 66 chapter, 225-page book:

  • The motivational ‘go to’ statement Bill Parcells used to turn around a player with an attitude problem…page 19.

  • What Jimmy Johnson said at Super Bowl half-time to plant seeds of success that would become reality minutes later…page 28.

  • The 4 E’s of competition that have sustained one of America’s great high school football programs for decades…page 53.

  • Mike Bellotti on team building integration of different cultures and backgrounds…page 71.

  • 4 Steps Quarterbacks Can Take to Improve Performance when they don’t have their ‘A’ game…page 80.

  • Systematic Approach to Taking One Play at a Time to Enhance Concentration and Mental Focus…pages 84-86.

  • How Urban Meyer Uses “On Edge” Teaching to Keep His Players Mentally Sharp…page 95.

  • Position Specific Visualizations that Build Confidence…pages 105-106.

  • How Pete Carroll Uses Different Daily Emphasis During the Week to Get the Absolute Max from Each Practice…pages 109-110.

  • 5 Questions to Ask to Evaluate a Player’s Leadership Potential…page 122

  • 4 Common Team Captain Mistakes and 5 Key Responsibilities…page 145.

  • How 3 NFL legends dominated the competition…page 147.

  • Bill Walsh’s 10 Keys to Sustain Success…page 150.

  • The Ten Word Half-time speech P.J. Fleck used to shake his team out of complacency…page 182

  • 3 Coaching Lessons from Bill Belichick…page 203.

  • Tom Osborne on the Best Way to Handle Position Battles…page 220