Total Athlete Development



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Book Description: 70 Competition Tested Ways to Get Mentally Tougher, Physically More Dominant, and Be  the Best Leader for Your Team

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Here is just a small sample of what you will read:

  • The Four Mistakes You Must Absolutely Avoid as a Team Captain…page 22.

  • The Best Ways to Respond to Lack of Playing Time…pages 37-40.

  • The Five Keys to Perform Well on the Road…page 45.

  • Take Control of Time and Dominate the Day…page 50.

  • The Five Essentials to More Powerful Self-Motivation…page 55.

  • Eight Ways for Athletes to Get Fully Prepared to Compete at the Highest Level…pages 66-68.

  • The 7 Best Questions Athletes Must Ask Themselves When Reviewing Film…page 92.

  • Push Through Training Barriers to Take Performance to a Whole Other Gear…pages 111-112.

  • Key Components to Maximize Speed…pages 115-118.

  • Eight Proven Steps to Deal with Injuries and Come Back Stronger than Ever…141-143.

  • Six Ways to Develop Bounce Back Focus and Resiliency…pages 162-163.

  • An Easy Method for Athletes to Reverse Negative Self-Talk…pages 173-74.

  • Five Homework Assignments for Greater Confidence…page 180-182.

  • How to Use a Performance Log to Improve Mental Conditioning…195