The Football Coach’s Game Plan for Leadership


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Book description: Imagine sitting in a room with the greatest football coaches in modern history.  The topic: Leadership.  This book is your own personal clinic with the unprecedented chance to pick the brains of the living legends on how to run a championship level program.

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Part 1 is an Interview Q & A with coaching legends like Jimmy Johnson, Urban Meyer and Lou Holtz.

Read sample: Bill Parcells Coaching Philosophy

Part 2 is How to Run Great Practices.

Read sample: Mental Game Keys for Quarterbacks

Part 3 are Athlete and Team Success Strategies.

Parts 4 and 5 are Coaching Methods and Tactics on Motivation and Team Building to Produce More Victories

Read sample: Motivational Tactic that Turned a Season Around

All 66 concise chapters give you action steps to get your team more W’s. Get the absolute best thinking on building a successful program from a diverse panel of coaching legends who share invaluable lessons on what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Here is just a small sample of what you will read in this 66 chapter, 225-page book:

  • The motivational ‘go to’ statement Bill Parcells used to turn around a player with an attitude problem…page 19.

  • What Jimmy Johnson said at Super Bowl half-time to plant seeds of success that would become reality minutes later…page 28.

  • The 4 E’s of competition that have sustained one of America’s great high school football programs for decades…page 53.

  • Mike Bellotti on team building integration of different cultures and backgrounds…page 71.

  • 4 Steps Quarterbacks Can Take to Improve Performance when they don’t have their ‘A’ game…page 80.

  • Systematic Approach to Taking One Play at a Time to Enhance Concentration and Mental Focus…pages 84-86.

  • How Urban Meyer Uses “On Edge” Teaching to Keep His Players Mentally Sharp…page 95.

  • Position Specific Visualizations that Build Confidence…pages 105-106.

  • How Pete Carroll Uses Different Daily Emphasis During the Week to Get the Absolute Max from Each Practice…pages 109-110.

  • 5 Questions to Ask to Evaluate a Player’s Leadership Potential…page 122

  • 4 Common Team Captain Mistakes and 5 Key Responsibilities…page 145.

  • How 3 NFL legends dominated the competition…page 147.

  • Bill Walsh’s 10 Keys to Sustain Success…page 150.

  • The Ten Word Half-time speech P.J. Fleck used to shake his team out of complacency…page 182

  • 3 Coaching Lessons from Bill Belichick…page 203.

  • Tom Osborne on the Best Way to Handle Position Battles…page 220

 “The best resource on motivation, leadership and team building I’ve ever read.”

Coach FRANK LENTI, 11 State Titles at Mount Carmel High School, Chicago