Good to Great Golf


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Good to Great Golf  was written specifically to help lower your score – immediately. It’s the ultimate golf training aid.  Read 3 Free Chapter Excerpts Below.

Book Excerpt 1.

Book Excerpt 2.

Book Excerpt 3.

With heavy emphasis on practical application that golfers of all handicap levels can benefit from – Good to Great Golf will inspire, instruct, and provide easy to implement principles that you can incorporate during your very next round.

Good to Great Golf offers point by point solutions to help you achieve the absolute right mental focus necessary to shave strokes off your score.   There are golf tips, exercises, bullet lists, inspirational stories and motivational quotes.

Chapters 1 to 5 cover the general mental attitude and overall psychological approach to make a significant impact on your golf game right away.

Chapters 6 through 9 provide more in depth instruction that you can practice for the rest of your golfing life.  All 9 chapters conclude with a mental golf training tip or a professional profile demonstrating mental toughness techniques.

Do you ever experience any of the following problems on the course?

• Lack of concentration.  • Losing your temper.  • Up and down confidence levels.

• Inability to properly deal with distractions. • Negative self talk. • Fear of failure.

• Getting the yips on the green.  • Find it hard to recover after miss-hitting a shot.

• Play well early only to crumble under pressure late in the round.

Throughout the book are golf tips you can easily remember to help you overcome these same issues.

The 36 power statements that close the book will inspire you before you play your next round.  You’ll read them every time before you leave for the course.

Good to Great Golf makes a terrific golf gift as well.  Order your copy today.