The Basketball Coach’s Game Plan for Leadership


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Book description: Imagine sitting in a room with the greatest basketball coaches in modern history.  The topic: Leadership.  This book is your own personal clinic with the unprecedented chance to pick the brains of the coaching legends on how to run a championship level program.

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Read Sample 1: Fast Break Points

Read Sample 2: Practice Plans

Read Sample 3: Coach Profile

Read Sample 4: Leadership

Here are just a few of the many great benefits you can expect from reading this book:

  • What Coach K said to His Team in the Huddle Before the Greatest Buzzer Beater in History…Page 15

  • The Motivational Tactics Billy Donovan Used to Help Florida Repeat as National Champions…41-42

  • How to Script Shots in Practice to Increase the Odds of Making Last Second Game Winners…45

  • Using Vision Boards to Build Your Team’s Leadership Culture…46

  • The Dean Smith Method to Calm Nerves During Time-outs…59

  • The Absolute Best Way to Practice to Prepare for a Post-season Tournament…84-88

  • Mark Price’s 13 Step Plan to Boost Free Throw Shooting Percentage…90

  • Developing a ‘Street Dog’ Mentality to Give Players a Sense of Urgency…107

  • The Exercise Coach K Uses to Start Every Season You Can Use to Build Team Chemistry and Togetherness…127

  • Pat Summitt’s Coaching Wisdom to Get the Most Out of Her Teams…135-137

  • Proven Methods to Break Athletes Out of Shooting Slumps…143 and 191-193

  • 25 Motivational Statements to Inspire Athletes During Practice and Games…160

  • The Best Ways for Point Guards to Let Go of Mistakes…177-178

  • The Four Mistakes Your Team Captains Must Never Make…203

  • Eight Proven Ways to Improve the Performance of Assistant Coaches…220-221

  • The Most Common Leader Communication Mistakes that Destroy Culture…223-224

  • The Phil Jackson Crisis Management Technique You Can use to Build Unity in Times of Trouble…236

  • The Army Ranger Leader Program that Transforms Your Team into Mentally Tough Warriors…244-245

  • The Secret Weapon that Helped the Dallas Mavericks Win an NBA Title any Team Can Use to Improve…254

“I don’t look at myself as a basketball coach. I look at myself as a leader who happens to coach basketball.” – COACH K