Control Your Off The Field Concerns


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 Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource that helps you solve off the field issues that can prove to be the biggest headaches at your program? Get will proven advice from experts on the following ten subjects:

  • 1 Academics – Keep Your Athletes Eligible and Moving toward Graduation.

  • 2 Improve Communication – Make Sure Staff and Athletes Clearly Understand Expectations.

  • 3 Drug and Alcohol Abuse – Use Education and Real World Examples to Keep Your Players Out of Trouble.

  • 4 Injuries – Help Athletes Come Back from Injury and Be Mentally Ready to Compete.

  • 5 Legal/Hiring Concerns – Avoid Common Pitfalls in Hiring and Make Sure You are On Strong Legal Ground when Making Personnel/Athlete Decisions.

  • 6 Meetings – Practical Tips to Run the Best Meetings Possible.

  • 7 Parent Issues – Build Better Relationships and Establish Guidelines to Deal with Even the Most Difficult Parents.

  • 8 Psychological Problems – Practical Ways to Deal with Athletes Experiencing Depression, Eating Disorders and Gambling Addiction.

  • 9 Race, Religion, and Sexual Abuse – Address These Sensitive Areas with Detailed Roadmaps to Follow.

  • 10 Technology and Media – Avoid the Pitfalls of the Social Media Age.