Read This Book Tonight to Help You Win Tomorrow


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Read This Book Tonight to Help You Win Tomorrow

The best motivation book for athletes just got better.  For the third edition, we’ve added 75 more motivation quotes and a dozen more inspirational stories and coaching bullet lists for peak performance.

Read the list of all 10 chapters here.

Read all of Chapter 3 titled “Release Your Mental Emergency Brake” here.

Book description: It’s the night before the big game or competition. Athletes have put in endless hours of practice time to prepare for that event that last a few seconds to a few hours. Their physical training is complete, but how can they be assured of being at their peak condition mentally? Based on author Dr. Rob Gilbert’s 30 years of consulting with thousands of athletes, this invaluable resource includes:

• Over 120 of the greatest sports motivational quotes ever assembled.

• 40 power statements to read on game day to perform your best when the pressure is on.

• Alleviate the pressure of “must win” situations.

• Why the best athlete never wins.

• What the greatest upset in sports history teaches about never giving up.

• Overcoming competitive fears, nerves and doubts.

• The simple mantra that helps athletes block out distractions.

• 5 must have rules for going all out.

• Get rid of the “Mental Emergency Brake.”

• Striking the right balance between caring too much and caring too little about your performance.

• Proven methods to loosen up and play your best.

• Decision vs. action. Why athletes must know the difference to perform at a higher level.

• What the story of David and Goliath can teach athletes about confidence.

• Tommy Lasorda’s secret weapon to help athletes win.

• How focusing on effort instead of outcome boosts performance.

• Inspirational stories and coaching bullet lists on how to maximize athletic

  ability including what it means to be a team leader and playing out of your mind.

• Eliminate the 14 killer words that destroy performance.