Top 10 Sports Team Captain Duties

Every team needs to have good leadership. It is critical that your sports team captains are providing the bulk of that leadership. Consultant Michael Voight of Central Connecticut State lists ten “must do’s” for team captains to be successful.  These sports team captain duties will help up your athletic team leadership.  * The following post it taken from Championship Performance Coaching Volume 1.

1) Team Organization – With the busy schedules of student-athletes, captains remind players of commitments and changes in schedules and reinforce team structure.

2) Team Connections – Captains are responsible for connecting with their teammates on a daily basis to ensure all players feel like valued members of the team.

3) Locker Room Climate – Captains try to keep the locker room talk and banter productive and motivating – win or lose. 

4) Practice Leader – Captains keep the practice environment productive, energetic and efficient.

5) Go to Players – Captains need to make the clutch plays when called upon.

6) Lead by Example and Vocal – Captains are the first ones expected to speak up during team meetings. They are the first to go during a drill. They are very familiar with the system and what the coach wants executed and they can effectively communicate that message with their teammates.

7) Competitive – Captains are responsible for setting the competitive tone by getting the most out of every drill, rep, practice and game opportunity.

8) Challenge Teammates – Ensuring that teammates follow the competitive tone that they set. 

9) Make Everyone Else Better Around You – Captains help reinforce coach teachings and strategy instruction. They also help teammates make in game adjustments.

10) Improve Overall Team Performance – Once a game starts, in most sports play on the field is more dictated by players than coaches. Captains must take over as a “coach on the field” role during games.

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