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Championship Performance Coaches Journal.

For 25 seasons, the Championship Performance coaches journal provided thousands of coaches with monthly reports on mental toughness, sports leadership, game preparation, team building, nutrition, sports psychology, and athletic motivation.  While new issues are no longer being published, we are proud to offer three amazing packages that will catch you up on all that you missed in the final 9 seasons.  Each package includes at least two books, 3 seasons  of digital back issues (34 or 36 issues in PDF format) and over 400 hard hitting reports on making your program better.

The 3 packages include the following. Click on the links below for more details on each package.  (Will be updated with full details in early 2023).

1. The Leadership Coaching Collection. Includes digital back issues from Volumes 23, 24, and 25 plus the books The Football Coach’s Game Plan for Leadership and the Basketball Coach’s Game Plan for Leadership.

2. The Women’s Sports Excellence Collection.  Includes digital back issues from Volumes 20, 21, and 22 plus the books Championship Performance Coaching 1 &2 and Coaching Women Athletes to Excellence.

3. The MAX Athlete Performance Package. Includes digital back issues from Volume 17, 18, and 19 plus the books Total Athlete Development and Read This Book Tonight to Help You Win Tomorrow.

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Download two sample preview issues here:

Sample Preview Issue #1

Sample Preview Issue #2

Key  benefits from reading Championship Performance coaches journal include:

1) Develop Captains that Can Lead and Inspire the Rest of the Team. 2. The Motivational Tactics Nick Saban Uses to Keep His Team Always Hungry.  3.  Hard Learned Coaching Lessons from Others Mistakes.  4. The Essentials of Great Team Building (And the One Thing that Destroys Team Chemistry) 5. How to Bounce Back Quickly After a Poor Performance and Regain Confidence.  6. Mental Toughness Drills that Develop Resilient Players.  7. Improve Practice Quality by Stealing the Best Ideas of Legendary Coaches.  8. Overcome Slumps by Following Proven Protocols to Bust Out of Them. 9. Sharpen Focus and Concentration in Short Attention Span Modern Athletes.  10. Alleviate the Pressure of  ‘Must Win’ Situations.  This is a tiny fraction of the hundreds of peak performance reports in the 3 packages listed above.