Coaching Leadership Collection





What’s included?  The Coaching Leadership Collection features 34 digital issues of the Championship Performance coaches journal (Volumes 23, 24, and 25) plus the books – The Football Coach’s Game Plan for Leadership and The Basketball Coach’s Game Plan for Leadership.

To view a sample coaches journal issue, click below.

Leadership Sample Issue

To see 40 of the 400 journal reports included in this collection click the link below.

Highlights from Volumes 23-25.

We recommend ordering this item in the off-season since the amount of material that is included in this blockbuster collection will provide you hundreds of winning ideas you can take from coaching legends to improve the leadership and team culture in your organization.

Benefits in this dynamic leadership collection include:

• What team captains must do and what they must avoid to be effective.

• The best coaching advice in history on leading a program to achieve sustained greatnesss.

• The real keys that can make a break team culture and how to spot trouble areas before they arise.

• Motivational methods that work, those that don’t from the locker room to the practice field.

• Coaching leadership ideas that empower your entire organization.

• The best ways to prepare your team captains to lead.

• The essential qualities your team leaders must possess.