Max Athlete Performance Collection




What’s included?  The Max Athlete Performance Collection features 36 digital issues of the Championship Performance coaches journal (Volumes 17, 18, and 19) plus the books – “Total Athlete Development” and “Read This Book Tonight to Help You Win Tomorrow.”

To view a sample coaches journal issue, click below.

Max Athlete Sample Issue

To see 40 of the 400 journal reports included in this collection click the link below.

Highlights from Volumes 17-19.

This collection combines books and reports for both coaches and athletes.We recommend ordering this item in the off-season since the amount of material that is included in this blockbuster collection will provide you hundreds of winning ideas you can take from coach and athlete legends to improve mental toughness, perform great under pressure, boost confidence and practice tips to have your team ready to go from game one.

Blockbuster Benefits from this package include:

• Specific techniques to sharpen concentration and focus more consistently.

• Ideas to make your athletes self motivated instead of externally motivated.

• Overcome slumps and performance declines with proven strategies to turn the situation around quickly.

• Increase commitment to off-season training programs.

• Performance psychology advice from the greatest mental coaches in history.

• Improve practice quality using continuous improvement metrics from various sports.

• Best ways to use imagery, visualization, and self-talk to fulfill an athlete’s performance potential.