Chip Kelly’s 6 Keys to Run a Great Practice

Current UCLA and former Oregon football coach Chip Kelly is recognized as an innovator in his approach to the game. It all starts with the way his teams practice. Here are his 6 keys to running a great practice. (The following was excerpted from the book – The Football Coach’s Gameplan for Leadership: Interviews with […]

Player Post-Game Self Evaluations Improve Performance

Coaches and athletes must deal with the fact all games end with a team’s performance falling (more or less) into one of the following categories: 1) Won and played well. 2) Won but played poorly. 3) Lost and played well. 4) Lost and played poorly. Given the above four conditions, is there a constructive method […]

14 Tips for Leading Generation Z Athletes

The following 14 principles for leading Post-Millenials or Generation Z are directed to the work-place, but many of the same concepts apply to athletic teams as well.  This was our number one blog post for high schools in 2018 and was excerpted from the book : Championship Performance Coaching Volume 1: Legendary Coaching Wisdom on […]

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