5 Steps to Reverse Player Attitude Problems

You can turn around a player’s problem attitude by taking the following one to one coaching steps:

1) List standards of behavior expected. You probably already have a list of team rules or policies. Show him or her where they are not meeting expectations.

2) Point out weak areas that need improvement. Using performance charts, player surveys, and other data to back up your point, show the player the behavioral attitudes that need improving. Offer specific examples of where their poor attitude has hurt the team.

3) Ask them to evaluate themselves. Ask questions like, “Why do you think you haven’t met the standards? and “What do you need to do to improve your attitude?” Take the approach of having an open discussion instead of pointing the finger of blame at the player.

4) Establish a path to improvement. Give the player a few days after the meeting to tell you what steps they plan to take to turn around their behavior. Meet again to make sure these steps are acceptable to you and the team.

5) Monitor progress. Praise frequently when you see the player making improvements in areas you previously discussed. When they fall short, give them a warning and if no progress is made, take disciplinary action.

Excerpted from the book Championship Performance Coaching Vol. II: 200+ Practical, Proven Sports Psychology and Team Building Strategies to Win More this Season  

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