4 Quick Team Building Ideas

These ideas build team harmony, reduce tension and foster a positive atmosphere during the season.

  1. Mark off significant progress when certain goals are met with “mini-celebrations”. For example, throw a pizza party when the team increases assist to turnover margin for a certain amount of games in a row. Don’t necessarily make the celebration tied to number of victories.

  2. Post a large blank sheet of paper with headings such as “Favorite Movie or Musical Performer” and “One Unique Aspect about Myself” in the locker room and let players fill out the list. They’ll learn more about one another and have fun in the process. This helps break up the tension in the middle of the season.

  3. Surprise players sporadically with a special treat – and make sure they don’t expect it. A good time to do this is when they have met a marker you set, but they weren’t aware of.

Example: Make running drills optional.

  1. Use a dartboard to offer bonuses. If a player earns the privilege (by going the extra mile in practice or making an unselfish play in a game) give them a throw at the dartboard. On the board have different “prizes” that can be distributed.

Prize examples: • Movie pass. • Gum or treat. • Pizza or restaurant coupon. • Donate to the charity of the athlete’s choice.

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