4 Fast Team Morale Boosters

You want to keep spirits up when the pressure to win can to be overwhelming.  Here are 4 strategies to keep the team loose and build morale.

1) Have a team movie night or funny television show break at lunch.  If most of your team members eat lunch together, you can show old re-runs of comedy shows.  Also, consider having a team movie night even during the off-season to build team unity.

2) Set up a “Humor Corner” in the locker room.  Designate one section of the locker or meeting rooms as the place for humor.  Have players and staff post cartoons, jokes and other light hearted material.  Caution: Don’t let one player become the butt of any cruel jokes. Team unity is fragile and can quickly fall apart.

3) Have a “Late Day Monday” or “Early Off Friday”.  If your team performed well and met your expectations on the field during the preceding weekend, let them come in a half hour later than normal for the Monday am practice.  If they put in a solid week of practice, consider letting the team off early on Friday.

4) Post pictures.  As an addition to number two, post some team pictures in the humor corner showing off some of the sillier moments during practice.  Use social media for similar purposes.

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