4 Captain Mistakes/5 Key Responsibilities

You want your team captains to be like extensions of your football coaching on the field. But some players don’t always lead in a way that helps rise the play of everyone around them. Here are 4 mistakes that you should watch out for so your captains don’t make them.

1) Thinking they know everything. A good captain will ask a teammate for their input before trying to force anything on them.

2) Learn to differentiate between different and wrong. Two players may each get positive results, but they may arrive there using different approaches. If a team captain starts to make all others players “do it exactly like I do,” they will alienate rather than motivate their teammates.

3) Not taking time to get to know their teammates. If they don’t understand at least somewhat what drives their teammates, they will struggle in their role as captain.

4) Ignoring problems and not taking responsibility. If a captain sees a teammate who isn’t doing what they should be – on or off the field – and says or does nothing, they aren’t doing their job. Team leaders are responsible for everything that happens in their group. What other players do or fail to do reflects on the captain. They have to step up as a captain and confront issues as they arise.

Here are the top 5 team captain responsibilities: 1) Team Connections – Captains are responsible for connecting with their teammates on a daily basis to ensure all players feel like valued members of the team.

2) Locker Room Climate – Captains try to keep the locker room talk and banter productive and motivating – win or lose.

3) Practice Leader – Captains keep the practice environment productive, energetic and efficient.

4) Lead by Example and Vocal – Captains are the first ones expected to speak up during team meetings. They are the first to go during a drill. They are very familiar with the system and what the coach wants executed and they can effectively communicate that message with their teammates.

5) Challenge Teammates – Ensuring that teammates follow the competitive tone that they set.

Excerpted from the book: The Football Coaches Game Plan for Leadership. Pre-order now for release on November 3, 2017.

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